Executives and Employees

Eunhee Yu, Executive Director

Executive Director of Translation Cooperative

Master of Korean-English Translation, Ewha Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation (GSTI)

Korean-English Translator 

Jay Kim, Director

Cooperative activist and lecturer in Social and Solidarity Economy 

Korean-English Translator 

Jimyeong Hong, Director

Director of Translation Cooperative

Korean-English Translator

Mingyu Lee, Auditor 

Representative certified labor attorney of Labor Attorneys Corporation, Hamkke 

Bachelor of Laws, College of Law, Yeongnam University 

Jaejic Choi, Secretary-general

Member of Steering Committee, Seodaemungu Cooperative Association

President of Little Mondragon (regular gathering for solidarity with different types of businesses in the social economy) 

Bachelor of Spanish Language, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 

Sookyung Lee, Secretary

The first and former executive director of Translation Cooperative 

Korean-English translator 

Bachelor of Arabic Language, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


We have 40 interpreters and translators in our membership. Then, who are the remaining 10 members? 

They are real estate appraisers, school administrators, labor attorneys, patent attorneys, legal staff, lawyers, designers, accountants, pharmacists, chefs, bankers, programmers and fund managers who share the cooperative value of “thrive together” as supporting members.

These members are proofreaders who improve the quality of our translations. They also recommend the cooperative for interpreting and translation services their workplaces need. The Translation Cooperative creates revenues from the inside, not just from the outside.

Supporting members also help run the cooperative in a democratic way with their field experiences and ideas. Interpreters, translators and supporting members will continue to work together in the Translation Cooperative. 

Translation Cooperative

318-14, Unit 201, Seongsan-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03716, ROK

T. +82-2-388-0003

F. +82-2-338-0043

M. +82-10-9090-3355

E-mail: jjc@transcoop.net