Welcome to the Translation Cooperative, an “Excellent Social Economy Enterprise” officially designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2019. [No. 2019-32] 

The Translation Cooperative was founded in July 2013 by freelance interpreters, translators and supporters who value and enjoy overcoming language barriers. 

[Registered under the Seoul Metropolitan Government, No. 2013-454] 

How can freelance interpreters and translators pull together? How can we deal with unfair practices within the interpretation and translation industry and reduce the often excessive brokerage fees? We are the Translation Cooperative, and we have found the answer.

The Translation Cooperative simplifies the brokerage process, ensuring our members receive their fair share and our clients receive the quality interpreting and translation services they are looking for. We have been instrumental in the successful interpretation (both simultaneous and consecutive format) for more than 200 international events, including the Global Social Economy Forum, the Seoul Democracy Forum, the Asia Network for Young Social Entrepreneurs and the Seoul International Handmade Fair. We also provide quality translation services in a variety of formats, including business and research reports, booklets, contracts, organization manuals, and other publications, as well as video transcriptions & subtitling.

The Translation Cooperative has continued to grow every year since our foundation, and now we call 50 experienced specialists our colleagues – people capable of interpreting or translating between 13 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Thai and Mongolian.

The Translation Cooperative, an “Excellent Social Economy Enterprise” recognized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for 4 years in a row from 2016 to 2019, organizes the “International Forum in the Community” and the “Interpretation and Translation Forum” itself to help spread the values of cooperatives.

We will communicate with people speaking different languages and respect people with different thoughts. 

Thank you.


Leading a fair interpreting and translation practice 

Fostering mutual growth between the cooperative and its members 

Contributing to the local social economy ecosystem

Key values

Fairness, Solidarity, Communication

Translation Cooperative

318-14, Unit 201,Seongsan-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03716, ROK

T. +82-2-388-0003

F. +82-2-338-0043

M. +82-10-9090-3355

E-mail: jjc@transcoop.net